How can I book a photoshoot?

  • Just send me a message via my contact form or simply press Book Now

How long do I need to wait for pictures?

  • Editing take up to 21 days. You will receive a link with all photos to choose from day 10th after the shoot. 

How do you deliver photos?

  • Via online cloud storage on my website. All photos can be downloaded in high resolution.

How can I choose photos for editing?

  • You can like your photos by clicking on the heart on the bottom of each picture.

How long you store my photos? 

  • Link with your photos available for 3 weeks after this time it will be automatically deleted from my website. I keep your files on my hard drive for 2 months only. Please make sure you download your photos on time. 

When is the best time to book Newborn Photoshoot?

  • I recommend to book your photoshoot after your 20 weeks scan. This is the best way to ensure availability for your baby photography shoot. At this stage, I will only book in your due date and this will secure your photography session in. Don’t worry if you missed that time just message me anytime you are ready.

What should I Bring for Newborn Session?

  • Everything for changing and feeding baby.
  • Toys, outfits or props you want to add into the photos.
  • If baby using the dummy, bring that as well. 

Wear solid colours and avoid patterns, pick one or two colours and then coordinate different tones of the colours together.